Mentorship Program

September 2019 starts a one year Mentorship program online. 5 Hours of lectures each month, regular tasks, paper cases and life Q&A sessions included. Except a deep exploration of fundamental skills for a self confidence and succesful practise.

More webinars by Anne

Three days Seminar with life cases in New York

We have invited back international master homeopath Anne Vervarcke, (Belgium) to present a 3 day seminar and live clinic in New York City March 6-8/2020. 

Anne has been teaching internationally for over 25 years and is known world wide for her brilliant approach to case taking and analysis. Anne will be talking about her method and will also teach us more about unusual remedy groups which are rarely covered: Mosses, Fungi, Fish, Artificial Substances, and Viruses. 

Also Anne will be taking several live cases in front of our group each day and we will examine her case taking method. She will be sharing with us gems of her analysis and remedy selection method. 

Anne will explain everything about the Vital Approach Map of Homeopathic Families and present the revolutionary analytical tool, the “Family Finder,” which takes case analysis to the next level. The “Family  Finder” contains all the sophistication of the latest developments in the field of homeopathy; it separates essences from details and in a simple, easy comprehensible way leads the homeopath to the right Family or Remedy. 

For more information and detailed biography on Anne Vervarcke please see  Vervarcke’s works are also available in Radar Opus please see

Seminar in Poznan, Poland, April 3-5/2020

Topics will be lesser known homeopathic groups anf families: Gemstones, Bacteria and Fungi