Mentorship Program

September 2019 starts a one year Mentorship program online. 5 Hours of lectures each month, regular tasks, paper cases and life Q&A sessions included. Except a deep exploration of fundamental skills for a self confidence and succesful practise.

More webinars by Anne

Three days Seminar with life cases in New York

The three day seminar on Mosses, Fungi, Fish, Artificial Substances and last but not least Viruses plus 3 life cases, which were surprusingly enlightening the topics mentioned are recorded and available for sale!

One full day, (7 hours!) of recording, for 80 USD, the whole package of 3 days for 200 USD; mail to Suzy Meszoli suzy

You’ll see the Vital Approach come to life before your very eyes and witness the beauty and scope of homeopathy as you never seen it before. 

For more information and detailed biography on Anne Vervarcke please see  Vervarcke’s works are also available in Radar Opus please see

Seminar in Poznan, Poland, April 3-5/2020 Postponed due to COVID 19!

Topics will be lesser known homeopathic groups anf families: Gemstones, Bacteria and Fungi