We are all just walking each other home

 With this quote of the recently deceased Ram Dass, I’d like to wish everybody a joyful and fruitful 2020 and may all your wishes come true.

We wrote about the fact that a homeopathic remedy basically is a medium carrying information; the question remains what information exactly and what does it bring about.

 I think we must keep in mind that the information conveyed by a homeopathic remedy is symbolic (not analytic) and we understand it on a nonverbal level. The information is always shared whether we are aware of it or not: babies, animals and plants react to homeopathic remedies too, as a matter of fact, they usually work much better and quicker as, in those cases, there are no ‘filters’ to block them.  ‘Filters’ can be: ‘I don’t think this will help’, or any thought process influencing the outcome in a negative way, but also everything we usually call ‘blockages’ , like toxins, energy leaks, fears, karmic issues, entities and the like.

Why do I consider homeopathic remedies ‘symbolic’? Because it is not really  the ‘substance from nature’ we potentize. Let me give just a few examples: the remedy ‘Luna’ is not made of a stone from the moon, it is reflected sunlight, to which a water bottle was exposed. The remedy ‘Sol’ is not a piece of the sun.  An Animal remedy picture doesn’t seem to be different if the sample was taken from a feather, the blood, the fur, the milk or the whole animal (when small). With mammals, by preference the milk is used, which surprisingly enough gave the ‘Lac Leoninum’ proving a very male lion picture. And who can tell the difference between pig liver (Hepar) and the remedy ‘Lac suis’? However in the first case it would be called a ‘Sarcode’ and in the second a ‘Mammal’, depending on the remedy we  ‘decided’ to ‘prove’.

Now for a symbolic remedy to work, the disease must be on the same level: that is one of the basic axioma’s in the Organon. This means that disease is a symbolizing act. As a human we are always ‘out of reality’, as we can only see and experience a specific perspective of it; that is meant to be. As we feel disconnected from our Source and true nature, our ego takes command. Somebody has to do it, right?  Problems start when the limited perspective of the ego becomes the only truth, that one is defending against the others. Animals don’t have an ego, they don’t symbolize either and hence are rarely ill. Disease is a concept and Hahnemann used consequently the word ‘disturbance’ instead of ‘disease’ in his Organon.

This implies that the undisturbed essential nature of a person is perfect and ‘ fit for the higher purposes of being’ (aphorism 9)  and we, as physicians have no other task than ‘to restore the sick to health’ (aphorism 1). Our system has an innate intelligence to maintain or restore itself to harmony, alignment and wellbeing, that is: when it can do this unhindered. Thought processes triggered by nasty diagnoses, (nocebo effect) , insisting on disease, losing hope because it is already so long, accepting the fact that it is  uncurable, etc.  stay in the way of the help that was already coming when the disturbed cells or organs asked for it.

That is where homeopathy can help.
‘The human condition’ means we all share the basic human emotions: like with baking, the ingredients are limited but the possible mixtures endless. Instead of flour, butter and sugar, think: fear, anger and grief and see how many  variations one can create. Of course, we flavour them all with our personal circumstances and stories but in the end they are made of the same stuff.

Hardly anybody escapes the influence of the collective thought forms and they also help to get us out of alignment. When we are out of reality we suffer. And we all suffer in our unique way, similarly as we have a unique voice, body odour, walk and signature.

Symbols belong to the 5th Dimension but have a basic geometric pattern in the 6th. One could say that the ‘Family’ to which the remedy belongs is the 6D pattern and the unique 5D code is one of the inexhaustible variations within that pattern.

Since the remedies are symbolic representations of these perfect and unaltered patterns in phenomena around us, they are in perfect alignment. This information they carry to the ‘similar’ frequency pattern with which they come in contact. The process happens by entrainment, where always the most coherent thing or system invites the other, less coherent one, to vibrate with it. This is how the homeopathic remedy gives not only the information of the perfect example but also invites to vibrate in the same harmony.

I like to compare the homeopathic similimum as a guardian angel: everybody has got a personal one but we can also rely on a whole team of helpers for all kind of problems. The guardian angel though is the one that keeps the map, to make sure you always find your way back home.