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The Vital Approach combines the fundamental Hahnemannian principles with the latest development in Classical Homeopathy in a clear and easy to understand way. In the first three lessons, Anne explains basic concepts: ‘Levels of Experience’, ‘Analysis in Kingdoms’ and ‘Use of Miasms’.

The 7 following lessons will familiarize you with the key features of the main Kingdoms and is full of examples and differential diagnoses between the Subkingdoms.

This 6-part live webinar series explores some lesser-known homeopathic remedies and groups that despite their relative invisibility have great value in clinical homeopathic practice. From mosquito and insect remedies to grass remedies to fish remedies to remedies you’ve probably never even heard of (and more), Anne Vervarcke will help bring the understanding of these remedies and remedy groups to life so you can add them to your homeopathic toolkit. She will also focus on why such remedies are often overlooked or wrongly prescribed.