Here you’ll find the easiest way to obtain the books and e-books of Anne Vervarcke, published by The White Room or other publishing companies.

In a previous life Anne published 6 novels under pseudonym and in the course of her professional life as a homeopath, teacher and public speaker she wrote several books on homeopathy. Some are in Dutch, the majority in English though and a few titles are translated.

There are books delving deep into homeopathic philosophy and theory as well as more practical works. In this way she adds at the ‘grammar’ as well as at the ‘vocabulary’ of the homeopathic language.

She is highly appreciated for her clear thinking, her wit and her deep understanding that allows her to explain complex things in an easy comprehensible language. Always at the cutting edge of the newest developments in the homeopathic field, she also is the author of many articles, online training programs and YouTube clips.

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