Establishing the Center voor Klassieke Homeopathie (het CKH) in Leuven in 1990 was Anne’s first big project. In the course of 27 years hundreds of students were trained in classical homeopathy and promoted homeopathy relentlessly by every possible means.

The Walk for Homeopathy was Anne’s way to spend her 60th year in a useful and meaningful way: she walked 9 countries, some 2000 kilometre and donated 10.000 euro to homeopathic charities.

‘Zonder Verhaal’ is a Dutch documentary novel based on the true story of the Walk for Homeopathy and the unfortunate finish shortly after that. Not only is the book informative and original, it has on top of that a beautiful layout and deeper philosophical layers. Like its author it isn’t one that can easily be put in a box but a kind on its own.

Under the motto ‘Simplifying Homeopathy’ Anne dedicated the last decade helping homeopaths, who are nearly drowning in ‘too much information’ , to keep up and manage their practices. Her contribution is partly by teaching common sense hand in hand with insight and partly with new tools. The first one is the Family Finder by RADAR/OPUS and the Vital Approach Map of Homeopathic Families.

The Family Finder, a software module I’ve been working on the last few years is  ready! Here you can have a glimpse on how it works.