10 Hour Training with Audio CD and Video

The Vital Approach is a practical and pragmatic system for understanding and applying today’s popular “Sensation” method of homeopathy. The Vital Approach combines Sankaran’s level-, kingdom- and miasm-theory with classical knowledge and insights from phenomenology and linguistics. Anne elaborated her approach after many years of studying with Dr. Sankaran, and utilizing the method in her practice.

This course teaches the basic principles of Anne Vervarcke’s Vital Approach, along with how and when to effectively apply those principles in homeopathic case taking and analysis. Short lectures alongside case examples illustrate the principles and their practical application in a range of case studies. Miasm, sensation, level of classical homeopathic principles and the wisdom of the Organon itself. Discover how to perceive the significant, individualizing information in a case, while putting new and exciting dimensions to work in your study and practice.

Who will benefit?

Most homeopaths are, at the very least, curious about the newer approaches that abound in homeopathy. The Vital Approach allows us to explore these principles in the light of classical homeopathic knowledge, and to discover the ways that they can inform both study and practice.
Seasoned practitioners will find help with difficult cases – those that are ‘stuck’ or have few characterizing symptoms. Students of homeopathy – and we are all students! – will find their understanding and grasp of the classical fundamentals enriched, as the connections between Hahnemann’s great work, ancient and modern science, philosophy and cosmology are revealed.

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