The Bacteria Mind

Apart of talking endlessly about physical symptoms and treatments, to the despair of the homeopath who is not getting any ‘deeper’, the patients who need a Bacteria remedy tend to provoke a slight uneasiness as well. The homeopath usually doesn’t know why but here is the reason: it‘s the mindset of the Bacteria.

In the books we find the rubrics ‘Weak will’ and ‘Obsequiousness’ or ‘Servile’. It is not a sweet yielding disposition meant to please you, it is more a docile attitude, like uncritically obeying what this doctor or that therapist said. When they give their ideas about a treatment or for that matter, on whatever occurrence, it will sound like commonplaces, clichés, knocking in open doors, and on top of that often contradicting each other.

Sometimes we miss the patients remedy picture because we unconsciously ‘Delete, Distort or Generalize’ information that is not on our radar. I wrote about his in my books and talked about in ‘Fridays with Anne’. In short: when we don’t understand the statement of the patient in the whole of the story, we drop it, don’t note it down or don’t even hear it. That’s effectively deleting! When the patient says something queer we make something reasonable of it, something sensible. In this way the patients’ information becomes interpreted and distorted into something we can understand. And when the patients give weird examples or images, we often rephrase them into something common and in doing so lose the symptom.

This is especially important with Nosode cases because they tend to be puzzling seemingly superficial and contradictory. In other words: you can’t make sense out of them. Remember they are 2nd Dimension in the first place, hence in general not overly engaging patients, more over they talk for 2 hours mainly about disease symptoms and in the end the information you extracted from them when you tried your best to get them on some other track just seems to lead nowhere. The temptation to make a case out of this is nearly irresistible!
And we do without even being aware of it.

When you do delve deeper and try to gently confront the patients with his contradictory statements, for the sake of understanding, his explanation instead of clarifying will confuse the matter even more. If he clarifies: it will be with the theory of somebody else (even a spiritual teacher). In the end you’ll ask yourself in despair: but where is this patient’s idea, what is his opinion, what does he stand for? The answer is: there is none. It is as if there is no core, no nucleus in the case….mirroring the Prokaryote cell less existentense.

It must be clear now why these patients get every remedy in the book except the similimum they need. We have our prejudices that a Bacteria can’t be a constitutional remedy because we are trained to believe Nosodes are miasmatic remedies to clear hereditary symptoms but it can’t be the essence of the patient. Regardless of this being true in some cases, still other patients require a Bacterium as a similium. (there is a ‘Fridays with Anne’ on Prejudices about remedies, preventing us prescribing even known remedies)

Until you know and you’ve seen a few and then you’ll spot them easily in your practice. And the cure of their usually life-long illnesses is frequently quick, remarkable and very rewarding.

To round up: you ‘ve got a 2nd Dimension case in front of you, talking almost exclusively about health and disease, having many vague complaints and ditto diagnoses, of which some are not fitting, queer or even non-existing. They have been weak, ailing, suffered lots of severe acutes when young, growing in to all kinds of chronic disabling symptoms that make them feel not normal and capable of doing what everybody else can. This must go together with the Bacteria mind of course.

To then finally come to the species, the MM will help us out and if there is no remedy yet; we can use the characteristic physical symptoms to guide us to the species that causes them.

In my Database of RADAR/OPUS among the 75 ‘Rare Remedies for Difficult Cases’ there are several Bacteria cases, as well as in my book ‘Beyond Mind and Body’.