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Maybe it is useful to remind that the Noetic path started for me some five years ago with the discovery I can know people’s similimum beforehand, when I go into ‘receiver –modus’. This gift, for which I am immensely grateful, came as a thunderclap in a broad daylight sky; all of a sudden it changed my direction in life completely. Having built up throughout the years a reputation of methodic and analytic thinking, from one moment to the next I found myself in the wing of so called New Agers or people with outrageous beliefs, fuzzy ideas and spaced out worldviews, if any. Although I sympathize with their search I rarely do with their answers.
On the other hand is not everything that doesn’t belong to mainstream ideas nonsense, quite the opposite I’d say. It’s just that I realized I’d probably lose my credibility in the homeopathic community with my gift. Homeopaths are also ‘believers’. Everybody is. But they have their hands full convincing the mainstream homeopathy works and they fear it won’t help their cause if they allow too much ‘magic’ in. Or at least not the kind of magic they don’t believe in (yet)…..

In the course of time I tested the suggestions for remedies I received in every thinkable way and in doing so my trust only became stronger. Nowadays, having total trust the received remedy is the similimum, my astonishment that this is so hasn’t diminished though.

During those years, trying to manage my gift, as funny as that may sound, I developed a system that assures maximum neutrality from my side. To prevent that thoughts about the patient who asks for a remedy come up, I now meditate and receive remedies before they do. In this way, I have a list of remedies waiting for the future patients to make an appointment or ask a remedy. No information is needed -in fact: the less the better- in order not to give the homeopath in me the chance to interfere.

The remedies I receive come with hints, puzzles, smells, riddles, sensations, songs, numbers, books, cryptograms. It can be anything. Conclusion are come to by association, trial and error and intuition. About half of the remedies I don’t know or are small remedies with a partial proving.

Why do I tell all this?
Because this was the first step to the ‘Noetic Approach’.
I believe that from my perspective (the outcome is known) I can contribute some useful information to the homeopathic community.

Topics I’d like to cover are:
Reasons why we don’t find a known similimum (and solutions to that)
How to prescribe a remedy we don’t know?
Why not everybody is cured with a similimum.
How Noetic prescribing can solve the problem.

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