We are only human

Prejudices about certain remedies.

We can’t help to have some prejudices, some imprints in our minds about remedies.
I took innumerous cases in Master Classes and Master Apprentice-settings and made analyses with the participating homeopaths. As they shared their thoughts with me, it helped me to understand why they sometimes missed a remedy they knew. Their ideas (often unconscious) about remedies are in the way.
For instance: a male patient will be rarely given Platina (although I have several and none of them is overtly haughty) or a little girl Nux vomica. We tend to think Spider remedies are restless (why the majority of children receive Tarentula these days) while most Spiders have ‘Inertia’ as characteristic symptom, sometimes alternating with bouts of speediness. How can we give Digitalis to a patient without any mention of heart pathology, Colchicum to a patient indifferent to eggs or Mezereum without nasty eczema? We assume Phosporus cases are attractive while Mercuriuses or Thujas aren’t. In short: our drug pictures blur our vision, because of the personality traits we learned by heart, and the pathology we had to memorize in our training.

What to do about that?

Here the utility of Kingdom Analysis comes into play. But…. isn’t deciding on which Kingdom to give in itself not often a matter for discussion?

Kingdom information not well understood

From my perspective the analysis in Kingdoms can be an extremely helpful tool… when well understood. Before we can put the patient in a Kingdom box, we have to realize there are more than 3 kingdoms. Hence the first question we can ask ourselves whether the case belong s to one of the 3 main kingdoms (Minerals, Plants, Animals) or not. If not, we have some more choices: Bacteria, Gemstones, Sarcodes, Imponderables…
My first division would be in 2nd or 3rd Dimension, I mean: is your case in front of you a 2nd or 3rd Dimension case? (for extensive explanation, read: “Homeopathy, Strange, Rare and Peculiar).
The 2nd is the dimension between the 1st, which is the iron crystal in the heart of planet earth and the 3rd, which is the surface of the earth. In other words: it is the world under our feet, deep into the ground, the realm of the ores, stones, elements, metals, gems, bacteria, viruses and sarcodes.
All of them are more simple, straightforward, one-topic cases, compared to the complexity, liveliness and vivaciousness of the 3rd dimension. (which we share with plants and animals).
So if the case is multifaceted, with lots of examples, stories, expressive, ‘entertaining’, most likely we only have to differentiate between Plants and Animals. However if we have the impression there is basically one main issue and the case builds up as the consultation evolves, we probably need a 2nd dimension remedy.

And weird as it may sound: all remedies from the 2nd Dimension can be a similimum just the same, even when it is a Hormone, a synthetic Drug, a Rock or a Bacteria.

If it is that clear, why are there so many doubts between kingdoms?

The main reason is that confusion between the levels sneaked in. The vital disturbance shows itself with signs and symptoms on Mind and Body. (Hence the title of my book ‘Beyond Mind and Body’). This means it is expressed on all levels all of the time. There is no need to delve into the sensation level; the patient will give the sensation on all levels, providing we ask the right question. I usually strip it down to the most basic words, like: ‘how is it for you?’ or ‘how was it’? Or ‘how did it impact you?’ It doesn’t matter if the patient talks about his back pain, his sleeplessness, his relationship breaking up or his fears (level 1,2,3,4), the sensation will be there in every occurrence.
Therefore, if we think we have to guide the patient towards some strange place within himself or encourage him to go deep into himself (?????) God knows what he comes up with. Experience teaches us that their imagination gets stimulated and the more they’ve been exposed to homeopathy the more imagination is likely to be produced. Sure enough the results can’t be a basis for prescription. Everybody can produce image and association when stimulated but the Vital Disturbance is not a product of the mind.
Sometimes we prescribe for the themes, such as work or family or relationship (and invariably end up with Minerals) but these are only the arena’s in which the Vital sensation is displayed, not the Vital disturbance itself. Sometimes we prescribe for personality traits, like being orderly, impatient, fashionable, nervous, shy, cynical, but again, these are the result of social and cultural background, IQ, life experiences, education and the like and have nothing to do with the Vital disturbance. If the Vital sensation is the person the personality are the clothes.

A local sensation might be confused with a vital sensation. The complaint of the patient might be so intense that it fills the major part of the intake, yet it still is only one problematic area. Even when the patient has an intense fight with for instance his neighbor, it doesn’t make him an ‘Animal case’. The fight might be an actual fact, the neighbor a very hard person to get along with and the whole quarrel nothing more than a quarrel in the patient’s life. We all have quarrels now and then but we don’t all need an Animal remedy. Even when the patient uses the words ‘fight’, ‘attack’, ‘defend’, ‘territory’, ‘aggression’, and the like it is no guarantee, because these are all common words to describe a dispute. In order to be sure we are in Animal kingdom we need several examples of either aggression or fear for aggression, comparison, blaming, desire to kill, etc

The same applies to ‘sensitivity’: shedding tears during consultation doesn’t make a patient a Plant. It only shows that the patient is sad or grieving and this is only human. People sharing their complaints, sorrows and asking for help are more likely to weep than in average conversations. And everybody is ‘sensitive ‘ to his own problem.

Does this all sounds like a seminar? I guess it does…
If I want to make clear what I mean by Noetic, I’m afraid you have to bear with me through some ‘background information’.

For more explanation have a look at the ‘Fridays with Anne’ on Youtube where you can ask all your questions!