Center for Classical Homeopathy

Because in Belgium in the 90s there wasn’t any decent and structured training in classical homeopathy, Anne started to train a small group of students. The original 3-years program soon expanded to 5 years, including a medical module, developmental psychology and a 2 years clinical training. The teachers team grew into a 12 membership of professsional educators. Their former training as medical doctors, psychologists, engineers and filologists brought a personal flavour into the lectures. As a Director Anne made sure by Teambuilding and Teach-the-Teachers days the level was high and everybody was on the same page. On top of that the CKH invited guestspeakers from al over the globe as to introduce the students in the great diversity of the international homeopathy world.

The student who wished develop further in Clinical skills and the newest insights could subscribe for Advanced Courses, Master Classes and seminars , organised by the CKH.
When, after leading the CKH for 15 years, Anne wanted to focus more on giving international seminars and research the management came in the hands of Christel Lombaerts.

Meantime the CKH built an international reputation, had membership in the ECCH (European Council of Classical Homeopathy) for which it organised The Education Symposium and helped shape the outlines of the standards in homeopathic education

In the academic year 2015-2016 the CKH celebrated its 25th anniversary, with the teachers team, students and sympathisants.
In 2018 the CKH had to close doors as a result of a newly launched law in 2014 putting so many restrictions on practising homeopathy in Belgium that student numbers plummeted.

Although on the one hand this was a sad event, Anne decided that the changed world asked for an adaptation of training methods and created a new training program, to be started 2019.