Lectures at the NHC

Listen to Anne’s lecture in Washington at the NHC April 2011 where she explains in the clearest way the fundamental understanding of a case at all levels.

Part 1
Part 2

Inner Health

Another series of Tele Conferences was about: „How Homeopathy works“, an exploration of the newest and not so new insights of science. Anne’s talk was broadcasted on November 11th 2007: How to treat children with the Vital Sensation Approach:

Childrens case


WholeHealthNow began a series of free live teleconferences with master homeopaths in January 2004. With the links below you can access MP3 recordings from some of these memorable conferences.

The Vital Method
Homeopathic treatment of backpain

10 Hour Training with Audio CD and Video: this course teaches the basic principles of Anne Vervarcke’s Vital Approach, along with how and when to effectively apply those principles in homeopathic case taking and analysis.