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(…) “In a proving we hear the voice of nature through the words or the expressions of a prover. And due to the law of similars the remedy has to match the patient’s expression, complaints and disease (“…the only conceivable Gestalt of the disease” § 6 Organon). In addition to what we understood through the homeopathic provings, Anne Vervarcke has added in the book the new understanding of Ozone through the connection to the chemical elements, to the place in the periodical table (03) and the clinical and physical properties of the element Ozone, the “good” and “bad” Ozone and its action/reaction. And due to that she has brought out a larger frame of the theme of the “Ozone pattern”.

The perfect reported cases together with the gestures and postures of the patient explain how to understand the deepest part of the patient’s vital disturbance. In the analysis of each case it becomes very clear that we can learn that at a certain time of the interview the source “speaks” itself and this is of great importance. All those details complete the Gestalt of Ozone.

This book will mark the beginning of a significant step forward in understanding a new remedy and will help many practitioners to prescribe Ozone as a similimum for the sake of the patients.

Anne Schadde, Germany”

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