New training in the make: Head and heart homeopathy.

When the CKH closed its doors the end of June 2018 as the last students graduated, I somehow didn’t grieve over the loss but considered it rather as a natural completion. The ‘Center of Classical Homeopathy’ I established in 1991 as a way to promote homeopathy. Its first goal was offering a good thorough homeopathic training; it started with a three years course expanding into five years  soon after. I organized lectures, open doors, international speakers on seminars, summer schools, pharmacy visits, Teach the Teacher programs, workshops again with homeopaths from all over, Master Classes, Advanced courses and what not. Meanwhile I wrote 9 books, as well for the general public in Dutch as professional literature in English. My 60th year I undertook the ‘Walk for Homeopathy’, hence it is not exaggerated that I live and breathe homeopathy 24/7. And the result was…. we were outlawed and had to close our practice in 2014 (reopened in 2015 though) and the student numbers plummeted as they had no professional homeopathic future.
Shouldn’t that make me sad?
The reality is that it didn’t.
The CKH had its time. Times have changed. The world has changed. Studying homeopathy now compared to 30 years ago is a whole different ball game. Not only has the material to study multiplied beyond the scope of managing, the insight and systematization transformed the approach to homeopathy in its totality.
These ideas were already simmering in me for quite a while and found outlets in the website ‘Homeopathy for the 21th Century’, , creating an Online Training called ‘The vital Approach’ (free on Youtube) , webinars, a Minicourse on DVD and the ‘Fridays with Anne’ clips. The basic line of all these is approaching homeopathy with frequent doses of high potency-common sense and clarity. This intensified as the tsunami of novelties increased in homeopathy-land and resulted in articles focusing on ‘Simplifying Homeopathy’  (Homeopathic Links 2018) and the designing of a software program called ‘Family Finder’ (to be available soon on OPUS) and as a spin-off the ‘Vital Approach Map of Homeopathic Families’, a first attempt to make an overview of all groups and families of remedies we have to our disposal.

Now that the CKH is definitely over it makes space for a new training adapted to the needs and the qualities of the time. When we look around the homeopathic scene nowadays is rather bleak as schools close everywhere. My reaction to this: the perfect time to start something new!!

So the Head and Heart Homeopathic Training is in the make. The program is about ready and the training will start January 2019.
What will be different?
Well, about everything: the pace will be faster as we won’t spend much time memorizing since everything is but a mouse click away. Consciousness has expended and we became aware of being embedded in and relating with our surroundings. Homeopathic philosophy will be prompt and easily be absorbed against that background.
Ex cathedra teaching is outdated: learning will be interactive, practical and fun!
When an art student starts painting, he uses all colors, has to know about composition, perspective, proportion and ratio’s, depth and shades all at once. He has to know about his material, need clear intention and ideas in his mind, yet let the inspiration flow. During his training he will get to understand and apply all those modalities in an ever more profound way. Likewise the homeopathy student will be exposed to all there is to know about homeopathy –it is an art after all- but every year the knowledge and grasp will be deepened and expanded.

The program is designed in a cyclic way because that is the way the world and our perception of it work: we don’t see bits and pieces later to assemble them; we see wholes and relationships and experience them right on the spot. However, as the medium of homeopathy is language, we have to make explicit and verbalize this and hence acquire knowledge and data. This means that in the training both hemispheres are addressed and learning becomes more of a journey than an effort.

Year one gives an overview of the whole homeopathic landscape, from the founding father to present times, familiarize the student with its revolutionary philosophy and modus operandi.  The student will get a clear insight into the nature, meaning and expression of disease, symptom and cure.
After this year he will be capable of using the homeopathic tools and having studied constitutional as well as acute remedies, he can safely use remedies for epidemics and acutes.

Year two then is as we usually say in case taking (also divided in 3 stages: Defining the Territory, More of the Same and Confirmation) is More of the Same. A bit repetitive as it may sound, it is far from boring  butt very much the contrary. Often it is only then the theory and use is fully grasped, as the examples shown in video clips make them come to life.

Year three will solidify all the acquired knowledge and skills in a coherent way and leave the student with self-confidence and baggage to successfully practice the art and science of homeopathy.