What makes my heart sing

Seven years have passed since in the fall of 2009 I realized I could foresee the similimum of people. It was as if a door opened in my consciousness through which I could glimpse. It doesn’t matter whether people already contacted me or used their real name or an alias. The clairvoyance transcends time and space; hence the remedies are given before the person asks for it.
The similimum is waiting for you!

The implications of this gift are immense: having the Golden Grail of homeopathy in hands means, besides gratefulness of course, also a search to manage it the best possible way.

In mostly public cases the remedy suggestions have been tested and lead to a growing awe for the perfect similarity between the patients’ state and the preconceived remedy. For all participants, me included, it always meant an exciting learning experience. Because the outcome is known it becomes crystal clear which way to follow to get there. Especially when lesser known or even unknown remedies are awaiting the patient our homeopathic knowledge and insight increased significantly.

Because the remedies come to me in hints, puzzles, cryptograms, riddles and are lead by a chain of my own associations (in which I’m guided until I feel the remedy is ‘right’) to conclusions, the remedies are not limited to my homeopathic knowledge. As a result I prescribe about half of the remedies that are lesser known but can be tested on their validity by homeopathic methods. In this way everybody can get his similimum, whether it is a common or rare remedy.

I consider this as my contribution to homeopathy. Every time a patient and a similimum come together thanks to this wonderful gift, it makes my heart sing.