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The Vital Approach - FAQ



What makes The Vital Approach different from other approaches?


What do you mean by 'context' and 'content'?





Do you use a special communication technique?


What is the difference between the personality and vital sensation?




What is meant by the 'energetic level'?


If you know an animal remedy is needed, how do you find the subkingdom?




How do we recognize a Plant Kingdom case?


And from the subkingdom, how do you get to the exact remedy?




How do we recognize an Animal Kingdom case?


How can we prescribe plant remedies that are not in Sankaran's schemes? 'Unknown plants'?





How do we recognize a Mineral Kingdom case?


Do we prescribe minerals on 'situations'?





How do we recognize a Monera Kingdom case?


What do you mean by 'define the territory' in case taking?





Are nosode cases based on physical pathology or are they 'vital' cases as well?


Kingdom can only be determined on level 5; Can we see vital expressions on the other levels?




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